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6YE Sex Dolls

6YE is a new brand of inexpensive sex dolls based out of Dongguan, China. Despite being just 4 years old, the company is quickly growing an impressive rapport in the industry. What makes 6YE stand out among other brands is their flexibility and manipulability. While most brands use steel metal skeletons inside the dolls, 6YE doll skeletons are made from hollow aluminum, which makes them more lightweight and easy to handle. The skeleton is also more flexible, allowing for a human-like 360-degree rotation of the arms instead of just up and down or side to side.

Another feature of their build is a ball and wrist clipping system for joints, which keeps the doll more durable at the joints over time so that they don't become too loose. Plus, you can choose between 3 levels of joint tightness. Select normal joints, tight joints or loose joints, depending on how easily you want your doll to move.

6YE sex dolls are made with high-grade, enhanced TPE that is oil-free and odor-free. There's no need to powder your 6YE doll like other TPE dolls on the market. Their maintenance is minimal and their durability is excellent. You'll be impressed with their exquisite workmanship on the doll's vagina. Their attention detail and realism where ladyparts are concerned has dubbed them the “best sexy pussy doll producer.

The 6YE sex doll catalog starts at $1,790 and goes up to $2,099 for a full body sex doll.

As this new brand quickly expands its lineup of models and compete with the market, it's recently released a premium series of sex dolls called Amor Doll. These dolls have unique new body features available, such as puffy nipples, bubble ass, boobs fetish and more.

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